Online training program

IMG_5986 2.jpgWant to join my online training program? Cool! Because I can’t wait to get you all Perfueled-up!

Together with and inspired by my work with Romee Strijd, I’m designing a training-program. Now you can all train like an actual Angel!

Each month you will get a new program, designed for 3, 4 or 5 days of training per week.
In the gym, or from home? Pregnant or just became a mommy? There is going to be a program for all and everyone of you!

Video’s, online feedback, progressions and regressions. It’s all going to be there!

It will be 30,- per 6-week subscriptions and 50,- per 12-week subscriptions.

Interested? Sign-up for the mailinglist
And I’ll keep you posted until the launch and you can expect a nice welcome deal by the time the program will launch!